Congratulations Rick Perdue


Rick Perdue

Wouldn’t the Employee of the Month trophy make a great hood ornament for the Peoples Bank Truck?

Peoples Bank is proud to announce Rick Perdue as our August Employee of the Month.   As the Bank’s Trusted Courier and go-to guy for all things maintenance related, Rick’s job responsibilities change as often as the Bank’s needs change. He’s been with the Peoples Bank team for almost two and a half years, and who knows how many thousands of miles driving between all three locations several times in a day. 

Rick’s job affords him the chance to interact with every department and team member at Peoples Bank.  And true to his friendly and helpful nature, he says the favorite part of his job is “making people smile.”  While Rick may have limited direct customer interaction, he knows that when he does his job well, things run more smoothly, and then, as he says, everyone “can give the best possible customer experience to others”.

Once he parks the Peoples Bank truck and heads home, Rick says his free time is spent “being a great Dad”.


Rick, the employees and officers of Peoples Bank want to thank you for your service, commitment and great attitude. Congratulations on being our August Employee of the Month (and certainly Dad of the Year at home!).