Congratulations Gina Moraga!


Gina EOM 4 2016




Peoples Bank is proud to name Gina Moraga as the April Employee of the Month, recognized as being an Outstanding Customer Service Representative.  Before joining Peoples, Gina already had 12 years banking experience under her belt, so she’s seen a great deal of industry changes.  With Peoples Bank almost a year and a half now, she has become a valued and respected team member.  She enjoys being part of the expanded team at the Lamar & Collegiate location, as co-workers and help are always nearby.  Speaking of nearby, Gina works with Assistant Vice President W. Chance Abbott on a variety of banking projects, so “every day provides an interesting customer experience!” as she says.

As if her work wasn’t interesting enough, Gina is a treasure hunter of sorts.  From Dallas to Paris, Gina frequents the best thrift stores to find well-made and gently worn fashions for her and her husband Gabriel.  Accessorized with her trademark brightly hued tights, Gina’s often the most colorful person in the bank.  Thrift shopping adventures are exciting, but if offered a dream vacation anywhere in the world, Gina says we’d find her in Bora Bora.  She’d be in her own private cabana, relaxing “in a hammock over the crystal, blue waters with the warm ocean air blowing over my face…Paradise!”

Gina, all of us at Peoples Bank enjoy having you on the team.  Your engaging smile, and true customer focus represent what People Helping People is all about.  Congratulations on being our Employee of the Month, now for a second time.