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The Countertop Shop


Our community is known for supporting one another, and Peoples Bank proudly operates the same way. We take pride in doing business with our friends, our neighbors, and we are proud to support customers Jon and April Mallory as they take on new ownership of The Countertop Shop here in Paris. April Raper Mallory Jon Mallory.

When the Mallorys sat down with President and CEO Brad Perry to discuss their newest venture, they not only got sound financial counseling and the support they were seeking, but Brad was also eager to tell them stories about the building their new business is housed in, as he worked in that very location when he was a kid. That’s because, like Brad, we are locals with deep roots in this community, and we want to see it thrive.

We have no doubt the Mallorys take the same approach to customer service, offering insight and information from years of experience in the business. If you are in need of some polish for your home project, call 903.785.6351 or visit The Countertop Shop today at 232 W. Kaufman and let the Mallorys take care of you. We’re “People Helping People”, and they are, too.


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