Peoples Bank is proud to announce Employee of the Month Barbie Ricks!





Please join us in congratulating Barbie Ricks, she has been chosen as our July Employee of the Month, in recognition of her extreme cooperativeness!

Barbie has always shown herself to be cooperative, helpful, patient and kind with Bank staff and customers alike. There is not room enough to list all her great qualities and the positive impact she has made on all those she has come into contact with over the years! She has always been the epitome of cooperative, willing to learn absolutely anything and help in whatever way she can, and she does it all with a smile! What is truly impressive is that her great attitude and work ethic has not waned over the nearly 23 years she been with the Bank, and she still manages to excel our expectations!

Congratulations Barbie! Peoples Bank’s Directors, Officers and employees admire and appreciate everything you do for the Bank.




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