Peoples Bank is proud to announce Employee of the Month Christy Gentry because of her “Superior Job Knowledge”





Peoples Bank is proud to announce Christy Gentry as our September Employee of the Month. Christy is being recognized for her “Superior Job Knowledge”, something she has honed during her 26 years as a member of the Peoples Bank Loan processing team.

Christy is truly a banking pro, with over 32 years of total experience in the industry. She joined Peoples Bank as a Loan Processor, and is currently our Assistant Vice President and Loan Department Supervisor. As one would expect, the world of banking has changed immensely during Christy’s career. She embraces these changes, and says her favorite part of her job is working with customers and her co-workers.

Christy and husband Garry have two children, daughter Natasha Lathrom and son Brandon Freeman. Natasha and her children Addyson 12, Isabella 8, and Breelyn 4 attend school in the Rockwall ISD. Brandon and his son Haydon 7 are in the Chisum ISD. Needless to say, Christy enjoys being a grandmother to her 4 grandchildren. But she also treasures time to relax, and take day trips with husband Garry.

All of us at Peoples Bank know our Loan Department is in great hands with Christy. Her long standing commitment to our Bank, and her in depth understanding of loan processing is a huge asset to our team. Thank you Christy, you absolutely do have superior job knowledge. We appreciate everything you to, and congratulate you on being our September Employee of the Month.

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