Peoples Bank is proud to announce Employee of the Month JB Reed for being "Extremely Cooperative"





Peoples Bank is proud to present JB Reed as Employee of the Month. He is being recognized for always being cooperative, no matter the situation! JB was new to the banking industry when he joined the team. He started in the maintenance/courier position and has quickly gained the needed skills to advance. JB is now training to be a customer service representative and assist in other areas of the Bank. JB says he especially enjoys the opportunity to be involved in our community, and that working with a team who values our Bank motto of “People Helping People” makes him take extra pride in his employer.

JB likes to enjoy his free time with friends and family, making memories that he will cherish a lifetime. He competes in team roping contests for fun on the weekends and spends his Sunday mornings in the house of the Lord. JB is always upbeat and positive and ready to take on any task that comes his way. He demonstrates a willingness to learn new things daily and is eager to build a lasting career with the Bank. He states his goal is to become a lending officer for Peoples Bank.

Peoples Bank's Officers, Directors, and Employees are proud to have JB as a part of our family. The Employee of the Month award could not have gone to a more deserving team member! JB exemplifies these qualities and his attitude and hard work are appreciated by fellow employees and customers alike. JB demonstrates daily what “People Helping People” is all about. Congratulations JB on being chosen as July’s Employee of the Month!

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