Peoples Bank is proud to announce Employee of the Month Kim Bills for being a "Effective Leadership"





Peoples Bank is proud to honor Kimberly Bills as the March employee of the month. Kim is being recognized by the bank officers and her employees for “Effective Leadership”. No successful organization would be where it is today without effective leadership. Effective leadership is almost always one of the main and primary drivers for growth, development and innovation.

Kimberly has been with the Peoples Bank family for 8 years. She began her career as a part- time teller and has gradually and consistently progressed within the bank. She currently holds the position of Teller Supervisor/Assistant Cashier.

To Kim, leadership isn’t about the titles, or even the accolades. Effective leadership is much more meaningful, impactful and profound. It’s earned and worked for. There is no set formula or step-by-step plan, it depends on the culture and needs of the organization. An effective leader, like Kim, shines not only when the going is good, but also (even more so, sometimes) when things are rough. Kim is respected (not feared) by the people around her, who in turn, become motivated to work harder and make more significant contributions to the betterment of the organization as well.

Leadership is not about working towards a goal single-handedly. In fact, leadership is about inspiring and motivating people to work together towards a goal and Kim shows this day in and day out.

Kimberly received her degree in business administration from Texas A&M University-Commerce. She now has a handsome son, Kedan, 12 years old attending Crocket Middle school. Kimberly says she spends all her free time with her son making memories that will last a lifelong time. He is living his best life she states.

The Peoples Bank family is honored to award you with the Employee of the Month!  Your dedication, effective leadership, knowledge, positive attitude and hard work are highly valued. You go above and beyond our bank motto, “People Helping People”. Congratulations Kim on being named March’s Employee of the Month! 


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