People Helping People

Cullum Auto Parts


It all started 21 years ago for Randy Hoover, current store manager. Back in 2001, Randy was the delivery driver for
the parts store. He soon understood that this was the business he wanted to be in and he knew the path to achieve
success within the store. As the years progressed, so did Randy. He soon became a salesman where he studied and
researched every part, every shelf, and every logistical piece of the business.

Once Randy obtained the operational mindset, he then focused on customer service to ensure everyone received
top quality service and respect. This led to his next big promotion as the Manager of the store. Randy now manages
all aspects of the business day in and day out for top quality service at fair prices. Randy stated, “It’s hard to manage
the business and the people if you haven’t worked the jobs first.”

Like Randy and his locally owned parts store, Peoples Bank also puts a strong focus in achieving great customer
service. Our friendly staff takes pride in efficiency and service with a smile. For both businesses, our customers are
our friends, our neighbors and all are considered family. Needing a fresh start with your parts store or looking for
a new bank? Visit both businesses and see for yourself what makes us great. At Peoples Bank, “People Helping
People,” is not just our motto, it’s how we do business.


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