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Blueblood British Gundogs


When you’re looking for a quality retriever to become a beloved member of your family, think of Blueblood British Gundogs. The Chappells (Pictured) use proven genetics to raise puppies that are calm and quiet in the home, yet bold and biddable in the field. These exceptional British Labs perform repeatedly as the very best in their class. That is why they are chosen for excellence in genetics and performance.

Blueblood British Gundogs brings a wealth of knowledge to the industry and their methods are broken down to make sense to any ordinary dog owner. Owner and trainer, Grant Chappell tells his story on his website, Chappell stated “I have found positive-reinforcement-based training to be much more enjoyable for both dog and handler. I start young dogs with clicker and treat training. As the dogs mature, the treats are phased out and the retrieve becomes the reward.”

Located in their hometown of Paris, TX, Blueblood British Gundogs welcomes all inquiries for training and finding your next companion. Because of their popularity, Owners Ashley and Grant Chappell have called up Grants college roommate, friend, & Peoples Bank loan officer, Colton Perry, to assist with funding the new construction of a state-of-the-art facility. With the help of Peoples Bank, the Chappells have expanded to better service the demand for quality Gundogs. Give them a call today at (903) 249-5525. While the Chappells focus on educating and servicing this unique market, Peoples Bank focuses on helping this local business grow.

“People Helping People” is not just our motto; it’s how we do business.
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