Telephone Banking


Peoples Bank 24 Hour Touch-Tone Banking

With Peoples Bank’s 24 Hour Touch-Tone Banking – you can call anytime! No matter when you have a question, or where you may be, all you need is a telephone to get fast, easy answers about any of your Peoples Bank accounts. At the touch of a finger, you can access information on your accounts day or night . You can also:

  • Inquire about current account information
  • Check CD rates
  • Transfer funds within Peoples Bank accounts*
  • Receive a fax of account transactions
  • Make loan balance inquiries and more!

*To access the funds transfer option, you must have completed a “Request for Funds Transfer.” To obtain this, please contact a Customer Service Representative at 903-783-3800

Easy to Use

  • Have your account number(s) available, which can be found on your bank statements or checks.
  • Have your Personal Identification Number (PIN)* ready. You may choose any 4 numbers.
  • Using any touch-tone phone, follow the instructions after you dial 903-783-3899.
  • As always, you may speak with a Customer Service Representative during normal business hours by pressing zero.

*Please do not disclose your PIN to anyone not listed on your account. If you forget your PIN, simply call 903-783-3800 and speak to a Customer Service Representative.

This feature is also available in Spanish. (Contamos con información en Español.)


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